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1.Read to me will you?Read me to sleep.


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2.All I wanted ,to walkin such place with you.

So you want to create art?  Become a true artist?  Maybe you thought of going to art school or university?  Sometimes we get blocked. Maybe life gets a little hectic. Maybe we don’t feel good enough. Maybe we feel stuck in the same old routine. I know that once I find something that works that I love, I tend to stick with it for months at a time, creating a large number of pieces using the same technique because it works and it’s exciting. That excitement eventually wears off and I end up feeling a little bored and stuck.  Before you spend tons of money on expensive art classes, try these 6 steps.

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3.Lamp has gone out,and I am writting in darkness.

The 6 steps on the next page are what I use to create amazing artistic pieces and continue creating隻言片語,我的23万4千字英文写作计划。!

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